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Introducing the Shoot-Rover 2.0

Not Your Typical Equipment Cart.

Here is my newly designed video production cart. I built it to carry large and heavy cameras fully rigged with professional lenses and all types of accessories, always ready to shoot and on the go! And much more!

The Shoot-Rover 2.0 is not your typical equipment cart. Compared to others, the Shoot-Rover 2.0 is bigger and heavier. You can't ship it by air! You need to have access to a minivan and a good set of ramps.

So, what is the Shoot-Rover 2.0 then?

I designed the Shoot-Rover 2.0 to protect my camera equipment and to have the camera fully rigged at all times. I built it heavy to hold two removable C stand poles (To attach flags, lights, monitors) and a heavy-duty camera slider on top. The Rover is ideal for independent production houses producing b-roll footage, shooting exteriors (Or interiors) in cities like New York City or small towns. This cart allows me to have my camera fully rigged with cine lenses, wireless motors for focus, zoom, iris, matte box, monitors, and always ready to shoot. The pneumatic wheels are 8 inches in size. To alleviate the roughness of sidewalks and bumpy roads, I designed a shock absorber with a VCT-14 plate on top to quickly attach my camera on the go. I experimented with several camera sliders, and the DANA dolly has been the best choice of tool to use on top of the Shoot-Rover 2.0. I shot sit-down camera interviews, live streamings, b roll for documentaries inside buildings, exteriors in New York City and Boston, windy beaches, and office buildings.

It offers me stability for my DANA dolly, a generous shade under the sun with floppy flags, cover for myself and equipment on rainy days, and when shooting exteriors without a crew and in cities like NYC, the Shoot-Rover 2.0 offers me a secure place to leave thousands of dollars of equipment for five eternal minutes on those sudden calls to the toilet! Try doing that with the INOVATIV cart!

The Shoot-Rover 2.0 is also a great conversation starter with people of all ages, genders, and personalities! Most times, too many!

Product Features


The making of the Shoot-Rover 2.0 started with the ‘Baby Rover” around mid 2020 and many drawings and several trips to Home Depot. I am hoping I can make it even better with some more capital but as now the cart works for the work, I need it to do. More later.


These are some of the main features of the Shoot-Rover 2.0 (Coming up soon)


The Shoot-Rover 2.0 is an ideal rental, including having me assisting you and bringing all my cameras, sliders, C Stands, flags, etc. all at your services. Door to door services available in New England and New York City. Call to find out more about renting the Rover!


1- B Roll mode
2- Transport mode
3- Studio mode

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